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April 21, 2010

Independent Will 4.21.10

The Rules Of Good Portraiture.
CSS Property Index.
Buddhism. Interesting PBS show regarding the origins as well.
A look at death.
Draw something.
Eupedia. Guide to Europe.
Guitar chords. Play a virtual guitar and strum along.
Portugal Travel guide.
Be a better cook.
Song meanings.
Hackers diet.
UNIX tips.
Web applications. Good to know.
You suck at craigslist.
Zip Skinny.

2010 Packers Schedule 4.21.10

Looking forward to the start of the NFL season. 2010 Games.

1 Sun, Sep 12 @ Philadelphia 4:15 PM
2 Sun, Sep 19 Buffalo 1:00 PM
3 Mon, Sep 27 @ Chicago 8:30 PM ESPN
4 Sun, Oct 3 Detroit 1:00 PM
5 Sun, Oct 10 @ Washington 1:00 PM
6 Sun, Oct 17 Miami 1:00 PM
7 Sun, Oct 24 Minnesota 8:20 PM NBC
8 Sun, Oct 31 @ NY Jets 1:00 PM
9 Sun, Nov 7 Dallas 8:20 PM NBC
11 Sun, Nov 21 @ Minnesota 1:00 PM
12 Sun, Nov 28 @ Atlanta 1:00 PM
13 Sun, Dec 5 San Francisco 1:00 PM
14 Sun, Dec 12 @ Detroit 1:00 PM
15 Sun, Dec 19 @ New England 8:20 PM NBC
16 Sun, Dec 26 NY Giants 4:15 PM
17 Sun, Jan 2 Chicago 1:00 PM

April 19, 2010

Create in our minds 4.19.10

Perfect day for a Boston Marathon. Not too cold. Not too hot. The only thing missing was a Red Sox victory. Another loss to Tampa Bay today. Not sure they can dig themselves a big hole and expect to make the playoffs.

Ramen Noodle Recipes.
Yosemite Hikes.
The Auditors.
Healthy Living.
HBR for being good.
Outdoors trail guide.
Local Hikes.
Presentation zen.
100 Year Old New York Times.
Find focus groups.
Daily Cup of Yoga.

Wiki Links:
Spherical coordinate system.

April 12, 2010

Separate from the Animal World 4.12.10

Book list.
Backpackers skills.
Boston Marathon Elite runners.
Treasury direct.
Hedge Fund Law Blog.
Breaking down the Simpsons company softball team.
Writing Business.

Wiki Links:
List of Supreme Court Law Clerks.
Sacred Mountains of China.
Basketball players from New Jersey.
Coupon collector's problem.

April 08, 2010

Unimportant Priorities 4.8.10

Always look on the bright side of life.
Nat Geo Travel.
Bracket info. 2nd Place finish for $32 in the top 92%. Butler NEEDED to hit the crazy "what if?" shot. Some have calculated angle, speed, and correction for it to hit.
The Waste Land.
Instruments for Natural Philosophy.
Meditation practices.
REI event listing.

Wiki Links:
Expectancy-value theory.
List of Chinese inventions.
Dream Pool Essays.