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October 30, 2007

MNF Recap Sox Parade 10.30.7

Watching the Sox take the duck tour boats through the parade route of downtown Beantown. Pretty cool to have these once or twice a year for four or five years. As for the Packers MNF win in Denver, it was HUGE!. Glad to see Favre play well and have somewhat of a running game show up. Tough to go 99 yards and only get a field goal. Winning teams score TD's and don't need OT.

October 24, 2007

Foxwoods 300 No Limit Shootout

A good weekend at the casino. I placed in the final table for the tournament that started Monday at 10am and finished at 8pm on Tuesday. What a day! That was after my roomate qualified for the 10k tournament. A good overall set of results.

October 15, 2007

NFL week 6 recap 10.15.7

Not a bad game by the Packers since "a win is a win." But to put teams away like the Patriots, they must be able to convert first and goal at the 9 and get points. Unable to do so allows the team to come back and win. Luckily a turnover and return for a TD put them ahead for good. How is that not a force out on Bubba Franks or at least a face guarding penalty?

Are the Rams and Dolphins really that bad?

October 08, 2007

MNF Recap

Can't have that many turnovers and missed chances to put a team away and expect to win in the NFL. MUST STOP THE TURNOVERS!. What gives with the illegal formation on defense? 99.999% of the time the refs don't flag that play and if it were New England or the Colts not a chance. Stupid mistakes cost us the chance to put the Bears in the grave. Now they have life support and Green Bay must continue to battle. When it comes to seeding for the playoffs this is "what if...." games that we can't afford to give away.

October 07, 2007


Falling behind on the NFL season. Packers, Cowboys, Colts, and Patriots are the only teams still undefeated. Not sure how many would have had those four teams as the choice to start the season without a loss. Probably in the order that they will see them fall. The Patriots play the Cowboys next week and the Colts later in the season to determine the AFC playoff picture.

As for the NFC, the Thanksgiving game is turning out to be BIG.

Off to Symphony Hall later for a Sunday Matinee.