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May 31, 2006

Advice for Changes

"Having a strong work ethic is very important. You must always do what it takes to get the job done."

"Sometimes you need to be adventurous and take opportunities that may be very different than anything youíve done before. Take the chance, do the best you can, and learn as much as possible from the experience."

"There are so many good people out there that you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Figure out how to differentiate yourself. Pull out of yourself that which makes you unique and different, and use this in everything you do."

"Be responsive when people need your help. Work hard and demonstrate that what you are doing is for the company. When people know that you have the companyís interests at heart, they, in turn, will always be responsive to you."

"Change is the name of the game. Accept it, look for opportunities that may come with it and learn to use it to your benefit."

"Donít be afraid to ask for what you want. Plant the seed and let people know that you are ready, willing and able to do other things."

"How you handle yourself in a crisis or when youíve made a mistake can work to your advantage. If youíve made a mistake, admit it. But put a plan in place to correct it and donít be afraid to ask for help if you need it. At the end, you may come out better than you were before."

May 28, 2006

Girlfriend vs. Wife Computer Upgrade

A computer upgrade is compared to the real life dating scene. Pretty funny.

May 27, 2006

Are you more Memorial Day

01) A believer in unwritten rules or a believer in written rules? Unwritten rules.
02) Water or fire? Water.
03) Earth or air? Earth.
04) Someone who eats their eggs plain or someone who spices them up somehow? Eats the eggs plain.
05) Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast and coffee for breakfast or muffin and a coffee for breakfast? Muffin and a coffee. Not all that big a coffee drinker anyways.
06) Honest or likeable? Honest.
07) Chicken or fish? Chicken.
08) Admiring of Mahatma Gandhi or admiring of Martin Luther King Jr.? MLK Jr.
09) Hoping this summer is a hot one or hoping this summer is a cool one? Hoping it is a cool one.
10) Juicy or sweet? Juicy.

May 21, 2006

Two for Two

Picking the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Champions? Well, if only I had put my money where my mouth is. First Barbaro and then Bernardini. Something about the story of Giacamo Barbarbo winning back to back years on a horses name.

May 19, 2006

Change in travel plans

Another successful ticket allocation. This time match 42. The answer to everything in life? Well, if you were watching the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, yeah the supercomputer spent all of the time finding it, but the Ghana/US match in Nuremberg is the correct answer. Decent seats? Not sure yet but the price category or ticket zone is better.

May 07, 2006

Would you rather 5 7 6

Would you rather:
have so much money, you never have to worry about it again OR be indestructible? So much money that I didn't have to worry about it.
have one of your hands replaced with a ninja sword OR your eye replaced with a laser gun? I'll take the ninja sword hand.
have plastic hair OR wood fingernails? Wood fingernails.
be able to hold your breath for 2 hours at a time OR never have to sleep? Never have to sleep. Getting tired and having to try to wake up would be elimintated.
be stuck beside somebody with horrible body odor on a crowded subway car for 10 stops OR against someone with an obvious erection on a long elevator ride? I'll take the eleveator ride. I've had enough of the T-Rides in the summer to last my lifetime and yet I still have to take the T to work.
find out your parents kidnapped you when you were a baby and raised you as their own OR find out you had a twin that died at birth that they never told you about? I'll take the twin at birth I never knew.
find out now that you will die exactly on your 70th birthday OR never know? Never know.
have regular encounters with aliens and not have any proof OR have your best friend be invisible? Regular alien encounters. No one would think my friend real, but others still function alright thinking they saw aliens.

May 03, 2006

Growing up with Louis

Sad news today that Louis Rukeyser has passed away. One thing that could be found in our house growing up was the Friday night television program that he made popular. His guest "Elves" and looks at technology were some of my favorites.

May 01, 2006

Germany Links

German train ticket link.