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April 22, 2006

Are you more 4 21 6

01) Pure chocolate (either milk or dark) or chocolate mixed with stuff (peanuts, almonds, rice puffs, etc.)? Pure chocolate.

02) Someone with a neat, beautiful signature or someone with a horrible chicken-scratch signature?

03) Tolerant of phone solicitors because they might be offering something you want or intolerant of phone solicitors because they’re annoying you at home?
Annoying when I'm at home. Not so much with just a cell phone.

04) Joysticks make for the better gaming overall or gamepads make for the better gaming overall?
Joysticks make for the better gaming overall.

05) A lover of fast automobiles or a lover of reliable, sturdy automobiles?
Fast automobiles..

06) The regular holidays should be kept as-is even if they have a religious background or all holidays should be completely secular?
Keep them as they were.

07) Expecting that there will be ETs walking freely on Earth within your lifetime or expecting that it will happen after you’re dead if at all?
After I'm dead, if at all.

08) Needing of quiet when you work or enjoying noise (radio, tv, conversation) when you work?
Music is good unless I'm reading.

09) A karaoke singer or a karaoke critic?
Critic. I can't sing.

10) One who thinks that you should honestly critique children’s work (so they can improve) or one who thinks you should always praise children’s work?

Critique the work so they show improvement.

April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Happy Easter. Beautiful Sunday weather.

April 13, 2006

Parking for Red Sox

You would think with the price of tickets for two fans close to $200 that parking would be a little bit cheaper. Think again if you are planning on driving to Fenway. The funny thing is the city thinks it can crack down on high prices? I would bet they can't.

Would you rather part 10

Would you rather:
smell like dead fish OR rotten eggs? Rotten Eggs. I think dead fish would cause some to turn and run.
walk backwards OR crawl on your hands and knees? Walk backwards. I think we all out grow crawling.
drive everywhere in a golf cart OR a dump truck? Everywhere in a dump truck. Easy moving stuff just in case.
be stung by a bee OR bit by a spider? Stung by a bee. Spiders can turn you into mutants and have you swell up.

April 11, 2006


Finally got my Federal tax return in the mail. Interest free loan to the Government. Not as much as I was hoping for but money back none the less. Some how the state return was a few weeks earlier. Go figure?

Like the Packers 2006 schedule. Here. Don't like how long it takes Favre to make up his mind as to whether he will return as QB.

Still no points in APL play for April but 4 final tables in March brought me within striking distance of the top 10 from our location. Not bad for one session a day/week. Just imagine if I could make the early start time?

April 02, 2006

Daylight Savings

Anyone feel that losing that hour isn't worth it? It seems at 1:00 AM it should not jump ahead until later in the day.

Pretty good link from Yahoo about how to find what you really want to do. Land your dream job.

Yeah George Mason made it interesting for about 17 minutes in the first half but gave it all away to a better executing Florida team. As for UCLA defense, it made LSU look like a JV team. UCLA to win it with a defense that Florida probably can't figure out withing 48 hours.