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December 29, 2005


Would you rather:

hear the constant sound of bells ringing in the background OR misunderstand half of everything said to you? Misunderstand half of everything said to you. Constant bell ringing would drive me crazy.

win a prize that's paid in smaller, monthly increments OR one big, lump sum? One big lum sum. Winning the lottery is the only prize with those options.

choke on a piece of shrimp and have somebody perform the heimlich maneuver on you to save you OR be pushed out of the way of an oncoming bus? Be pushed out of the way of an oncoming bus. Facing death and being saved is great. Choking on a shrimp and the heimlich are things on my list to avoid having done.
wake up and find all your underwear is too tight OR find all your shoes missing? Find all my shoes are missing. No reason other than comfort. Shoes probably need to be replaced anyways.

Are you more...

01) A Boxing Day/Week (post-Christmas) shopper or "I'm totally broke and why would I keep shopping after Christmas anyway"? I'm totally broke and why keep shopping? Sure sales afterwards are great, but not in my budget.
02) Someone who thinks the human culture far in the future will be much like now or someone who thinks human culture far in the future will be very different from now? Human culture will be far different from now. Tough to measure when things changed but every 40 years will be enough.
03) A digger for truth or one who waits for truth to be brought to you? A digger for truth. Not one to believe it can be brought to you. Seek it out for yourself.
04) A believer that biology explains most human behavior or a believer that higher mental processes dictate most human behavior?
05) Afraid of nuclear war happening or afraid of a mega-tsunami hitting shore near you? Nuclear war. Mega-tsunami hitting Boston are slim.
06) One who thinks that having different adulthood and drinking ages is sensible or one who thinks that having different adulthood and drinking ages is stupid?
07) One who thinks that having different adulthood and sexual consent ages is sensible or one who thinks that having different adulthood and sexual consent ages is stupid? Sensible.
08) A gear in the system or a monkey wrench in the system? Monkey wrench in the system.
09) A stammering idiot when around a gorgeous specimen of whatever gender you're attracted to or the same around them as when you're around plain people? The same around them as when you're around plain people. Although too much to drink leads to the first.
10) One who feels stinged when someone you don't know is critical of you or one who honestly doesn't care when someone you don't know is critical of you? I'm one who doesn't care when someone I don't know is critical of me. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and usually those who don't know me are really poor judges anyways.

December 28, 2005

You can't make this stuff up

So you think that story of an upside down Christmas tree is fake? Well, think again. I've come across an MSNBC link and photo regarding hanging the tree upside down.

Go figure.

December 27, 2005

Random Links 12 27 05

Best of the Web. Forbes gives a list of useful sites.
Marquette link in the Big East.
Economic data links.
Home improvement tips.

December 26, 2005

Back up in Boston

A long, tiring drive back up to Boston from South Jersey is complete. I certainly had a good time with family this Christmas. Glad everyone made it home safely. A short work week until the New Year strikes. Then another 4 day short work week. For those with some time off this week enjoy, since my boss has blacked out those days. Go figure.

Items for 2006

Ideas for 2006.

As for the Bears/Packers game, it certainly takes a little of the excitement out of celebrating Christmas at home. Tough to see Favre play so poorly, but well enough to be driving the team towards the tying touchdown in the 4th quarter.

Lakers/Heat game is pretty boring to keep me interested in watching. What happened to the NBA? It used to be "Fantastic", but is now sooooooooo predictable that I can't watch any longer.

Stock picks if I had some extra money for 2006.

AIG, BAC, WMT, and MO.

Saving goals for 2006.

December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Everyone made it home this year. No white Christmas this year. Too warm for snow. Just some rain.

December 22, 2005

A little bit about yourself....Are you more?

Would you rather:
live in the woods and have to hunt/gather all your own food OR mix everything in a blender before you eat it? Live in the woods and have to hunt. I don't think I could handle gathering berries all day unless I'm on a farm. Blenders are only good once you get the fruit or items.

learn to play the accordian OR bagpipes? Accordian. I don't think bagpipes can be learned. Just played poorly or not as poorly as the last bagpiper.

wear a suit of armor for a week OR a tutu? A suit of armor would be better. Real men wouldn't wear a tutu.

help an old lady across the street OR rescue a cat from a tree? Help an old lady across the street. Cats are usually up to no good up a tree or running from a dog. How they get down? Well, apparently all cats can land on the paws so I say go ahead and let them jump.

01) One who would prefer to be kept in the dark as long as possible about bad news or one who would want to take the bad news square on the chest and get it over with? Take the bad news square on the chest and get it over with. Nothing like letting things drag on and linger. Break it now and let the chips/cards play out.

02) A believer in complex chemical formulation cleaners or a believer in good old fashioned ammonia/vinegar/bleach (pick ONLY one, NOT COMBINED!) and water? Old fashioned bleach.

03) A post-shower-wiper-downer or a post-shower-leave-it-aloner? Post shower leave it aloner. Clean it a few times a month.

04) Someone whom others look up to for a good example or just another Joe/Jane in the crowd? I think others look up to for a good example. I try to lead an above average life rather than just blending into the crowd. Not to be out gathering everyones attention is good too.

05) All about the naughty thoughts during sex or all about the stimulation of the erogenous zones during sex? All about the stimulation.

06) Possessed of a number of ugly skeletons in your closet or (relatively) skeleton-free? Relatively skelton free.

07) Special Agent Clarice Starling or Dr. Hannibal Lecter? Special Agent Clarice Starling. Lecter is one sick SOB.

08) A fan of contact sports or a fan of non-contact sports? Contact sports. It wouldn't be a sport otherwise.

09) One who uses the phrase "(some colour) is the new black" or one who thinks that's a stupid phrase and black is black and (some colour) is itself? It's a stupid phrase. Black is obviously black in and of itself.

10) Gifted or lucky? Lucky.

Are you more...

01) Someone whose inner child still believes in Santa Claus or someone whose inner child is dead and you are heartless and bah humbug? Inner child believes in a Santa Claus. Somewhere he must get a serious frequent flyer milage discount on all of the gifts.

02) Enjoying all the "Christmas" decorations hither and yon or enjoying all the "Holiday" decorations hither and yon? Christmas decorations. Holiday is so........well, Not Christmas. Not to go crazy and say Wal-Mart is all wrong, but some just go too far.

03) Likely to try the Baked Fettuccini w/Chicken dish at a restaurant or likely to try the New York Steak at a restaurant? New York Steak.

04) Despite having to shovel snow, a lover of winter or because of things like having to shovel snow, a hater of winter? Lover of winter. Even better on the mountain with a snowboard.

05) An indulger of cookies during Christmas or an abstainer of cookies during Christmas? More cookies is a better Christmas.

06) Scholarly or hard-working? Hard-working.

07) More easily turned on with video (tv, movies) of sexy looking people or more easily turned on by seeing sexy looking people in person? Seeing sexy looking people in person. TV is just that. A box displaying beutiful people, but nothing is better than the real thing.

08) A mall Christmas shopper or an online Christmas shopper? I still hit the malls.

09) Someone who always knows approximately what time it is or someone who often couldn't really tell you to within a half-hour what time it is? Someone who knows exactly what time it is, even if I am 5 minutes earlier than most.

10) A pear or a carrot? Pear.

Friday Five Words

1) What word irks you everytime you hear someone say it? Any swear words. Just doesn't have the same affect on me as it would on others.

2) What is your favorite word? Please and Thank You.

3) What does it mean? That you are asking in kindness and returning kindness.

4) What word do you say far too often? You're killing me.

5) Name three words you think other people overuse: What's up? Bear with me. Thanks a million.

December 17, 2005

Poker Rankings

Not quite the top of the list that I was hoping for, but I am the highest ranking player in our house. The results of the Budweiser APL event from a couple of weeks ago are up at the APL site. Still quite a few hundred points away from getting my flight out to Las Vegas.

December 16, 2005

Friday Five Objects

1. What is the oldest object in the room with you? Probably my furniture.
2. What is the newest? My computer or portable space heater.
3. What is your favorite object in the room with you? Mac.
4. What is the most valuable object? Computer.
5. What is the ugliest object? Boxes.

December 14, 2005

Tough Questions to ponder

Would you rather:

eat two entire fruit cakes OR drink a gallon of egg nog?
Two fruit cakes. Egg nog is just disgusting.
as a gift, receive a dirty pair of your grandmother's panties OR her used bedpan from the hospital? Used bedpan. At least it just might come back clean.

step in a pile of reindeer poop OR get tangled in a pile of christmas lights?

Pile of christmas lights. Easy to get out of.

give $10,000 to one family that needs it OR $1,000 to 10 families that could really use more?

$1000 to 10 families. No real reason other than the concept of those ten families can spend the cheer or it would seem to go farther than one family getting lucky.

play one of the animals from the broadway musical "lion king" OR play "the phantom" from "phantom of the opera"? Play an animal from the Lion King. Pretty tough choice really, but I think kids will remember the animal more.

find out a complete stranger was watching you change OR accidentally see your elderly neighbor naked? Find out a complete stranger was watching. I don't want to accidentally see anyone in the birthday suit. Plus any added information about the neighborhood is a bonus.

slip on a banana peel and crack your tailbone OR be attacked by a herd of squirrels? Attacked by a herd of squirrels, Seems a folly is bound to happen on the ice here in Boston, but the odds of a squirrel attack without spring time weather is doubtful.

find out your car battery is dead OR wake up to no electricity in your house? Wake up to no electricity. At least AAA doesn't need to come by and help out. The no electricity is a minor problem, but if it does delay your getting things done or into work, then it would be the car since I don't really have one to impact my life.

Money Making Surveys

Doesn't it suck when you read articles such as the average salary needed to afford a decent small two bedroom house? Why can't decent companies that you've been with for a more than a couple of years be able to afford keeping empolyees happy? Well, it certainly is a satisfying piece of to know you are royally screwed by those above you.

December 13, 2005

X-Mas List

Brent's X-Mas list:

1. Car.* Must include somewhere, so mine as well be here. Just dependable, good gas mileage, chick magnet, fast, able to alude cops and speeding tickets.
2. Redsox tickets. Individual game tickets went on sale this past Saturday.
3. DVR. Will fill in brand after I complete some research.
4. Decent dress watch. Probably a little too high on the list, but will come to replace the beat up one I wear now.
5. Mac stuff. I need something to play with my new computer.
6. Clothes. Decent additions to the wardrobe.
7. Books, DVD, CD's, Magazine Subscriptsions. No particular order, but Amazon Wishlist might have a few ideas.
8. Airline ticket and hotels in Europe for June, 2006
9. Additional World Cup 2006 soccer tickets.
10. Money

If you are still without an item you can check out an outdated, but helpful list from my Amazon Wishlist. A segway would be pretty cool, but not too useful in the cold weather we have up in Boston now.

December 11, 2005

Random Links

A study and scientific formula for how attractive people are when you meet them under "beer goggles".

December 10, 2005


Went to catch the new George Clooney movie Syriana. Nothing great, but a thought provoking movie somewhat based on fictional and realistic events. Still, I would rather check out another The Lion, The Witch and The Warddrobe first.

Got my phone back, which beats going to the Verizon store and spending to get a replacement.

Sick now which really sucks.

Snow here yesterday, change over to rain, and then another 5 inches. Making conditions pretty New England like. Crappy snow.

In more exciting news, the World Cup soccer draw was held. The match we got was Switzerland vs. France. Pretty cool. It could have been Togo vs. South Korea which would be strange if you ask me. Additional ticket sales start 12.12.05. Yes, backwards day month year format could still read month day year we Americans are used to.

As for Christmas lists......or shopping for family, I'm in need of some cool ideas or suggestions, so let me know.

December 09, 2005

Phone Loss

If you want to return my phone, "staff at the Burren" let me know. Otherwise, just give it back.

Phone Loss

If you happen to receive a call from my old cell phone, that is not me. I plan on caceling the service tomorrow AM, if I can find it. If not, please disregard all incoming calls from my old number. Sorry about the inconvienece. Apparently someone would find it amusing to take someone elses cell phone from there jacket. I plan on giving out the good number sooner or later if Verizon has some kind of deal. Thanks. Brent.

Oh, and if you were the person who found a cracked LG flip phone last night at the Burren bar in Somerville (Davis Square) please let me know. No harm no fail. What you hope to get out of it I have no idea but if you return it sans any more damage, let me know. Thanks.

As for the stupid bouncers who thought I was not able to find a phone, and "report it to the bar", what do you think I am doing trying to get back into the place without my personal items. I really should figure out what you would want from me in order to restore peace in the world. If not, you fat piece of crap can go back to causing mayhem elsewhere.

December 07, 2005


Movie trailer for the X-Men 3 movie.

I'm sure everyone has seen it already

Odd photo of how not to drive a murder cycle. Accident photos for the non-squeamish.